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My name is Corinna Tavano, and I grew up in the Catholic faith. While it provided me with a sense of belonging, there were also times when I questioned its teachings and felt disconnected from it. It wasn't until someone close to me left the Catholic Church that I began to explore what it was the church actually taught, what I truly believed and where I belonged.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find such unexplainable JOY (John 15:11), peace (Phil 4:7...which I was particularly grateful for during Covid!!!), mercy (Heb 4:16), love (1 John 4:16) & a family (John 19:26-27, Heb 12:1 & Matt 12:48-50)!  The love of God, expressed in the Catholic Church, is actually a one size fits all because it was made for each one of us!  What's the catch: we must wear it! (See Romans 13:14)

I want to delve into a deeper understanding of our identity: we are called to be a family. This familial bond extends beyond humanity; it encompasses a divine adoption into a vast and extraordinary family.

We often refer to God as "Our Father," a concept reinforced in the universally known Christian prayer, "The Our Father." Imagine a family unlike any other, where love transcends the ordinary and manifests as something truly miraculous. This is the essence of the Christian family, where God invites us to be adopted as sons and daughters. To learn more about this profound connection is to explore the mission & messages of Medjugorje.